Is Lemon Water Alkaline?

15th Dec 2022

Ah, lemon water – a centuries-old refreshment and, though it may come as a surprise, tonic used by many to treat their ailments and promote healthy living. In fact, records o … read more
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24th Aug 2022

Our manufacturer has implemented a large number of technical innovations not only in the next generation, H2 Series water ionizers, but also in other health products.Our manufacturer has the most curr … read more
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Hard Water Test Kit

24th Aug 2022

Hard Water Treatment OptionsHow Water Quality Impacts Ionizer PerformanceWater quality will play a significant role in how your water ionizer – in fact any ionizer - performs and its longevity. An ion … read more

How was your experience?

24th Aug 2022

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AlkaViva Product Videos

24th Aug 2022

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Why AlkaViva

24th Aug 2022

Blog Why AlkaViva An Introduction to AlkaViva - the Company and its People. … read more