Why the buzz about alkaline water?

Alkaline water has gained much popularity in the past few years. Do a quick search on 'alkaline water' and you'll see health professionals, athletes, nutritionists, moms, yoga teachers, and more touting drinking this mineral-rich water and the benefits it can offer your body. In fact, alkaline water has become the most popular water beverage search term in the past year or so, according to a report issued by Google. Some have said it can help slow the aging process, others say it can regulate your body’s pH level and prevent chronic disease.

What is alkaline water?

Most of us remember the pH scale from high school science. Neutral on the scale is pH 7. Numbers below neutral are acidic; numbers above are alkaline. Tap water is usually neutral (give or take ½ point). Purified water is acidic. Alkaline water has a pH of 8 and above. Alkaline water is also rich in beneficial alkalizing minerals like calcium and magnesium. Since water makes up so much of our body (about 60%), it's critical that we drink the right type of water.

acidic alkaline ph scale acidic alkaline ph scale

Benefits of Alkaline Water

There are plenty of Japanese studies that document the benefits of alkaline water.

Regularly reported benefits of drinking alkaline water include:

How to get alkaline water.

Various well-known natural springs and sources of “healing water” have been documented around the world. Examination of these waters finds they are different than the tap water or purified, mineral-free bottled waters we typically drink. Water from these springs has been documented to be slightly alkaline, have a negative electrical charge and have some level of dissolved molecular hydrogen. They are also contaminant free.

You can get alkaline water in a few different ways:

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