Acidic Water for Skin - Astringent Effects

Ionizer Setting: Medium-Strong Acidic Water

Skin Breakouts

Mix alkaline water with essential oils and keep in a small spray bottle to freshen fabrics, upholstered furniture, etc.

Washing the Face

Water alkaline-loving plants such as desert plants that live in a high alkaline soil.

Hair Care

Rinse with alkaline water after consuming acidic foods or beverages.


Bathe your pets in alkaline water to emulsify dirt, oils, and reduce odor. Follow with a mild, acidic water rinse.


Alkaline water uses for personal care include using alkaline water as a foot soak, as a compress on bruises or sprains, and to reduce inflammation from sunburn, insect bites, poison ivy, etc. For this use of alkaline water, it's best to use high-level, alkaline water.


Ionizer Setting: Medium-Strong Acidic Water

Water Plants

Use for acid-loving house plants and outside plants.

Fresh Cut Flowers

One of the benefits of acidic water is that it has cleansing properties for all types of applications. Dip the stems in acidic water to extend the time they stay fresh. Other acidic water uses include using the water in the vase, for cleaning, and more.

Clean Glass

Substitute acidic water for glass cleaner on glass, mirrors, metallic surfaces, and utensils.


Acidic water has a natural bleaching action.


Clean your house without chemicals. Remove dirt and grime, reduce odors, clean most surfaces with acidic water.

Hand Sanitizer

Wash your hands with acidic water. Keep some in a spray bottle to keep hands clean on-the-go.

Skin Conditions

Ionizer Setting: Medium-Strong Acidic Water

Athlete’s Foot and Nail Fungus

Use acidic water as a warm water soak 20-30 minutes daily to speed recovery.


May help alleviate pain associated with burns and also speed recovery.

Chapped Hands

Helps speed recovery.


Helps keep skin clean and minimizes itching, plus accelerates recovery.

Insect Bites

Relieves itch and sting.

Minor Cuts, Scratches, Abrasions

Helps clean wounds and accelerate recovery.


Reduces redness and pain, and accelerates recovery.

Disinfecting Properties

Ionizer Setting: Strongest Acidic Water

Food Preparation

Rinse fresh fruits and vegetables, meat and fish to help prevent contamination from e-coli and other types of bacteria.


Neutralizes strong odors, e.g. onion and garlic, on your hands. Use as an air freshener.

Dish Washing

Keep cutting boards, countertops, and sinks clean. Rinse dishcloths and sponges to slow bacterial growth and stop odor.

Dental Hygiene

Use acidic water to brush your teeth, massage your gums, use as a mouthwash, or gargle (do not swallow).

Pet Care

After bathing, rinse your pets in acidic water for an overall healthier coat.

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