Facts about Fluoride in Drinking Water.

  • Modern research shows fluoride has minimal benefit when ingested contrary to previously held belief.
  • Modern research shows ingesting fluoride has documented health risks.
  • 97% of Western Europe does not fluoridate.
  • The American Dental Association now advises that parents should avoid giving babies fluoridated water.
  • The fluorides used in our water are chemical byproducts of phosphate fertilizer manufacturing.
  • No other medicine (fluoride is a medicine) is added to our water for a pharmaceutical purpose.
  • Toothpaste and mouthwash are more effective, less intrusive ways to fluoridate for those who want it.
Documented Fluoride Risks
  • BRAIN: 18 human studies show fluoride exposure causes IQ deficits in children. Adult studies show impairment in learning, memory and the central nervous system. Animal studies show direct toxic effect on brain tissue.
  • THYROID: The National Research Council found that fluoride has an adverse effect on thyroid function. Until the 1970’s, European MDs prescribed fluoride to slow overactive thyroids.
  • INFANTS: High risk of developing fluorosis and damage to developing brain.
  • BONES: Excessive exposure causes skeletal fluorosis resulting in diminished bone density and strength.
  • SOURCE: Fluoride Action Network

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