Our manufacturer has implemented a large number of technical innovations not only in the next generation, H2 Series water ionizers, but also in other health products.

Our manufacturer has the most current patents/ industry rights (including medical equipment licenses) for alkaline water ionizers, in the industry - a count that is now over 180.

Key inventions
Date of registrationRegistration numberDescription
2014.02.03Patent registration no. 1362188Water ionizing system
2013.08.19Patent registration no. 1299687Water ionizing system
2011.11.15Patent registration no. 1085577Automatic shut-off valve for purifying filter in water ionizer
2011.09.27Patent registration no. 1069857Ionizer with genuine filter recognition function and purifying filters
2006.12.21Patent registration no. 0558936Water ionizer
2006.03.02Patent registration no. 0543973Filter replacement indicator for water ionizer
2006.01.10Patent registration no. 0543973Cleansing water producing device for household use
2005.02.21Utility model registration no. 0383900Hot water inflow power control device for electrolytic water ionizer
2005.01.04Patent registration no. 0466229Water ionizer and ionizing method
2004.12.08Utility model registration no. 0370742Feed water switch gear for hot-cold water ionizer
2004.06.11Utility model registration no. 0354136Ionized reduced water and acidic water producing device using electrolysis
2004.05.03Patent registration no. 0431475Purifying filter socket in mineral water ionizer
2004.03.02Utility model registration no. 0344700Filter replacement indicator for water ionizer
2003.12.05Utility model registration no. 0336269Hot-cold purified water ionizer
2003.05.27Utility model registration no. 0323890Cleansing water producing device for household use
2001.12.17Utility model registration no. 0259120Low-frequency and electric potential medical device with voice guidance function
2001.09.10Utility model registration no. 0247587Safety device for electric potential medical device
2001.07.21Utility model registration no. 0239765Incoming water detection sensor for mineral water ionizer
1999.06.02Utility model registration no. 0155484Purifying filter for water ionizers with mineral container