UltraWater Water Ionizer Videos

UltraWater Filtration: Clean, Delicious and Safe water. UltraWater is the ONLY filter that can reduce virtually all contaminants, up to 99.9% - even the toughest!

Why UltraWater

Listen to the Kids

You owe it to yourself and your family to know what is in your water supply. Take back your tap with AlkaViva!

Why UltraWater Ionizer Filtration?

AlkaViva has spent over two years in R & D to create the cleanest, healthiest and best tasting water possible at an affordable price. Get more water filter information and taste the difference!

Be a Smart Shopper

Learn the 5 key elements that will lead you to an educated ionizer purchase.

Discover Alkaline Ionized Water

Only AlkaViva uses UltraWater Filtration Technology in their advanced water ionizers to create clean and healthy water.

PBS American Health Journal segment on Alkaline Water

Alkaviva water ionizers are featured in a news segment on PBS news.

Certified Testing of UltraWater Filters

AlkaViva only water ionizer company to have its filters tested by an independent EPA-certified laboratory.

Water Class Presentations

Water Class

Understand alkalinity, pH, and how these factors play a part in your overall health.