AlkaViva Product Videos

AlkaViva Product Videos

AlkaViva offers a full product range of electric ionizers, non-electric ionizers, and hydrogen generators.

H2 Series

Explore the features and advantages of the H2 series ionizers. Beautiful looking and reliable units that produce ideal levels of pH, ORP and H2.

Be a Smart Shopper

Cut through the hype. Find out the 5 key elements that will lead you to an educated ionizer purchase.

The Athena Classic VS. H2 Series

Have an old Athena ionizer? Take a few minutes to discover why Upgrading to the H2 Series is the best decision you'll ever make!

UltraWater Filtration

AlkaViva spent over two years in R & D to create the cleanest, healthiest and best tasting water possible at an affordable price. Experience UltraWater filtration.

The elita Pure

The non-electric elita Pure provides clean, great-tasting healthy water at an affordable price.

Perfect Pitcher

The Perfect Pitcher is a must have companion you can rely on for clean, healthy great tasting water.

EPA Certified Testing of UltraWater Filters

AlkaViva only water ionizer company to have its filters tested by an independent EPA-certified laboratory.

How to Maximize your H2 Experience

H2Viva tabs deliver hydrogen quickly and efficiently. Discover the tips and tricks to maximize your H2 experience.

Power of H2

Scientists have discovered that H2 water can help reduce pain and inflammation, improve energy, and facilitate rapid recovery after working out.