Acid can Corrode Metal

Just imagine what it can to the much more sensitive and tender insides of your body - your digestive system, your joints and muscles, and your cardiovascular system.

90% of the Standard American Diet (SAD) is ACIDIC

Overly sweet processed foods, high-sugar snacks and sugary caffeinated drinks, and our modern-day stressed out lifestyles (yes, stress causes acid) overloads your body's natural buffering systems. You can even see for yourself and test the acidity and contaminants of your tap water with our water testing kits. Over acidity drains your energy and is literally making you sick!

Buffers Neutralize Acid

To survive, the body must maintain the proper acid/alkaline (pH) balance. That is why blood pH is monitored in ER / ICU situations. Your body has a sophisticated balancing act it does that co-opts several systems to do this.

We are Short on Buffers

The reality is that most us live in state of buffer deficit. Often severe. Our systems are just overtaxed and overloaded. So what can we do?

The First Step is to Know Where you Stand

Tracking your daily pH is inexpensive, extremely easy to do, and takes very little time (less than 30 seconds). All you need to get started is our FREE pH test strip test kit.

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Are you on acid?