Professional Water Testing

Water quality is not only one of the biggest health concerns we face today, it can also adversely affect the performance of an ionizer. With an accurate analysis, our trained technicians will not only learn what's in your water, but will also be able to interpret these results and recommend the most appropriate treatment options. Our WQA certified water professionals can help you make the best possible decisions about your water quality and treatment. There are many contaminants that can harm your health (or an ionizer), and with the right diagnosis, we can show you how to prevent these problems.

Well Water

Unlike municipal tap water, well water is untreated and unregulated. In some ways, this is good, as we avoid the many potentially unhealthy chemicals and additives such as chlorine, chloramines and fluoride. On the other hand, there is no control of many other harmful contaminants and micro-organisms. The EPA enforces standards for drinking water in municipal water districts, but they do not have the ability to look at individual wells. In wells we can have bacteria, iron, soft water, nitrates, etc. The good news is that all of these are treatable, but first we need to know if they are present. Our water testing services enable you to make the best decisions possible.

Municipal Water

Water quality can vary greatly throughout the United States, even in the same town a few blocks apart. The age of a neighborhood's homes/buildings, their distance from the treatment facility, and the source of your municipality's water and age of water pipes, can all make a huge difference. The annual water quality reports provided by your local water districts only list averages in your community, and are not necessarily definitive or specific to your home. They base their published findings on the averages of testing throughout the community where they distribute water. So in short, not all of the findings may be accurate for your home. With our professional water testing service, we can recommend the best solutions for your needs.

The Testing

Using standard EPA methods, this professional water testing service will search for and detect many drinking water concerns as seen below in this sample report. This test is not for compliance purposes but for letting you understand what is lurking in your water.

Professional Water Testing

Getting your personal water report is easy!

Getting your water tested is simple, for just $99.95 (average cost normally $150/$200), we send your request to the EPA certified lab, and they then send you a kit with some sample bottles, a prepaid return shipping label and a set of easy to follow instructions. Within 21 days of receiving your water samples, the lab will send us their analysis. The day we receive the results, we will email them to you and one of our water professionals will call to discuss the findings and the appropriate AlkaViva water filter options.
Available in Contiguous U.S Only.