Testing and Reading pH Levels | AlkaViva

Most of those reading this article know about alkaline water and its remarkable benefits to human health. And, when put in a position to do so, most of us can explain the benefits of alkalinity and the harmful effects of acidity inside the body. However, looking at the pH scale can present a challenge when it comes to accurately measuring pH and our ability to interpret those findings. Let’s take a look at the pH scale and the meaning of the information it presents to us.

Let’s begin with three definitions: Alkalinity is the measurement of a substance’s ability to neutralize an acid; acidity is the ability of a substance to neutralize a base (or alkalinity) and pH is the concentration of hydrogen in a solution which determines whether that solution is acidic or alkaline.

pH literally means potential hydrogen. When a solution has a lot of hydrogen, it’s acidic. When a solution has little hydrogen, it’s alkaline. The lack of hydrogen creates a high pH value because “potential” is the measurement of how much more hydrogen can fit into a solution until it’s at its maximum concentration. Hydrogen is very acidic. The pH value shows us the intensity levels of an acidic or alkaline condition of a solution and is measured on the pH scale.

The pH scale ranges in numbers from 1 to 14. A pH reading of one shows the most extreme measurement of acidity. A reading of seven on the pH scale is exactly neutral, and reading of fourteen is extremely alkaline. The pH scale is logarithmic, meaning that it is measured in tenfold increments. A shift from 7 to 6 is ten times more acidic, a shift from 7 to 8 is ten times more alkaline. A shift from 7 to 9 is one hundred times more alkaline, from 7 to 10 one thousand times, and so forth. Now you can see the difference between drinking soda pop with a pH of 3 as compared to drinking a glass of alkaline water with a pH of 9 – a huge difference, wouldn’t you agree?

AlkaViva H2 Series Ionizers are capable of producing a very high range of pH levels, helping us to maintain the acid/alkaline balance so essential to vibrant health!