Enjoy the latest features and technology

The safety of UltraWater filtration

It’s the best ionizer filter. Our EPA certified testing proves it. Tested against 249
contaminants it’s shown to reduce virtually all of them to 99.9%.

Clean tastes good too. Crisp, light and silky smooth.

Don’t drink dirty alkaline water. Drink UltraWater.

Advanced Technology. High
efficiency. Maximum performance.
More benefits.
AutoAdjust Advanced Power

High wattage is a sign of old, inefficient technology. It damages electrodes. AutoAdjust
pulses the SMPS power to the electrodes ensuring you get maximum efficiency plus
optimal – and lasting – performance.

Worry-free performance over time.
Superior cleaning and protective features mean peace of mind.
Fully Automatic DARC II Cleaning

Since we introduced DARC in 2006, it’s been the best way to clean water ionizer
electrodes and ensure lasting performance. DARC II is even more effective and more
reliable, giving you more peace of mind.

Protective RISC Circuitry

RISC processors consume less power and offer the highest performance. RISC’s
advanced technology performs diagnosis on the ionizer with each use. LCD notification
alerts you of a fault protecting your investment.

Don’t drink dirty alkaline water. Drink UltraWater.

Engineered with you in mind

Find your trade value

Your old ionizer has trade-in value! Save when you upgrade

Find out how much your old ionizer is worth!

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Delphi H2 Alkaline Water Ionizer 9 Smart Electrodes with
undersink convenience.
As low as $186/mo - 0% with
Vesta H2 Alkaline Water Ionizer 9 Smart Electrodes.
Our top selling model. For a reason!
As low as $174/mo - 0% with
Athena H2 Alkaline Water Ionizer 7 Smart Electrodes.
An incredible value option!
As low as $139/mo - 0% with
Melody II 5 Smart Electrodes.
Our entry-level model.
As low as $139/mo - 0% with

Payments that won’t ding your credit. Or your wallet. No Application. No Credit Check. 0% Interest. Three 0% Plans To Choose From

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Upgrade to More Peace of Mind.

Limited Lifetime Warranty

Likely you have no warranty protection left on your old ionizer. When you upgrade you get the certainty of a new AlkaViva Lifetime Warranty (Limited) and our BBB rated A+ customer service.

Upgraded Design.
Simple Install.
Clean Design

The H2 Series design is simple, modern and high tech all at once. The H2 Series is designed to complement any kitchen aesthetic. Or, put it undersink with an elegant digital faucet.

Easy Installation & Options

Could not be easier! Unplug the old and plug in your new H2 Series ionizer using your existing connections. It can be installed three ways: with a diverter, under direct pressure or undersink.