AlkaViva No Health Claims Policy

At AlkaViva we market very powerful and often “life changing” equipment and products.

Our community clearly suffers from chronic dehydration and many of the ailments that we as a "modern society" experience are caused, I believe, by over-acidity and a deficiency of good healthy water in proper amounts. Consider also the unhealthy beverages and foods we tend to consume, the stress we live with daily, and the tremendous harm this is causing our bodies.

Regardless of the results people experience, a very important thing to consider when discussing and marketing our fantastic technology is how crucial it is to NOT MAKE ILLEGAL HEALTH CLAIMS or CURATIVE CLAIMS in any manner when representing our technology.

What we can never do is draw conclusion that other people will experience the same or similar results when using our technology. Making inference to other’s potential results with our equipment, products and technology violates Federal law even though we may experience related results ourselves under similar conditions. Statements of inference will constitute an ILLEGAL CLAIM and we cannot do it, nor can we as a company tolerate our Associates doing it.

My personal method of operation is to simply tell others to try our alkaline ionized water produced by our equipment and see what their body has to say about it.

Clearly, the proof is in the pudding and I have found that understatement works better than overstatement in any case.

We must be diligent in protecting our AlkaViva Opportunity and make sure that we are not causing harm to others (as well-meaning as it may seem at the time.)

I would ask each of you to display our "No Health Claims" policy below in all of your sales communication – especially at meetings – this will help a great deal as we strive to create a fantastic, long-term opportunity and professional environment here at AlkaViva.

Information presented here is for educational purposes only. These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA and as such shall not be construed as medical advice implied or otherwise. No claims are made with respect to treatment of any physically diseased condition and no attempt is ever made to dissuade individuals from seeking medical treatment for any condition. In addition, this equipment, technology, and products have not been evaluated by the FDA, nor are they intended to treat, cure, mitigate, diagnose or prevent any illness or disease.

With warm regards,

Jay Hare
AlkaViva, LLC